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Birthdate:Dec 9
As a kid, I grew up in Montana. As an adult, I refuse to grow up at all.

Lived on a farm, but I have no horns so I guess you know what that means.
Y-y-y-e-e-s-s D-a-a-dd-ee baa... baa..

After graduating in my ENORMOUS high school class of 10 (ten) students, I joined the Navy, and started my adventures in life, seeing the world.
(Dammit, I missed Europe)

After 10 years of agony in the military (I hold the record for most times of assuming the position), I went back home and started an adventure in cooking (bar & grill, four-star restaurants, and one ski run).

Next, I started yet another adventure, this one in truck-driving. Got to see parts of the world you can't see from a Navy ship, (most of the United States)
(dammit, I still missed Europe, AGAIN!)

And THEN, I tried my hand--and other body parts--at nude modeling,
(and though I no longer do that as a job, [info]hillbillie wont let me stop)...

I turned to adventures in cashiering, at Fred Myers, a person who turned into a store. Then the store turned into Kroger.

Then I turned my adventures back to trucking, where I met my beautiful wife, [info]hillbillie

She is wife number four; the other three were failed experiments.

She has dragged me kicking and screaming into Livejournal (which is only fair since I did the same thing to her with Runescape), so

Here I Am.

By the way I have been accused of looking like
Kurt Russel
Jon Bon Jovi
Heath Ledger
Billie Ray Cyrus
Simon Baker
a young David Carradine

If you would like to add to the list, please feel free.

I only wish I had any of their bank accounts.
If you can tell me how to do that, please also feel free.
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